Red Sparrow Movie Review

Red Sparrow Movie Review by John Campea. John takes a few minutes to talk about the new Jennifer Lawrence film Red Sparrow. The movie also stars Joel Edgerton and Jeremy Irons.


Jamie Tarrant-Boyce says:

Sounds like a Black Window Solo movie equivalent…

Slippin' Jimmy says:

So it has good performances and actions scenes but overall it has not a very good movie. So basically it’s Atomic Blonde

bluechipnl says:

Why would you tell us that she lives?

76HabeasCorpus says:

Terrible movie, if you just want to see Jennifer Lawrence look pretty then you’ll be fine. If you’re after a movie with substance, chemistry, intrigue and entertainment then give this one a miss.

McKenan Bundy says:

Usually I agree with John. But today I’ll have to say I have a different opinion: I was super into this movie. If critics had come out saying it was one of the best films of the year so far, I wouldn’t disagree. This movie had me on the edge of my seat. Still, at least we both agree that Joel Egerton is terribly underrated.

queendsheena1 says:

Sounds like an interesting film. Might end up streaming cause of cash flow issues but I’ll watch if I can.

Sauron Merciful says:

This is Jennifer Lawrence’s basic instinct movie but basic instinct is much better, watch that instead!! Sharon Stone was much hotter then!!

SirTyJensen says:

I didn’t like Red Sparrow, it was boring and convoluted. I agree Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton were good.

A. M. J Central says:

Well I guess that means Red Sparrow isn’t as much of a “Black Widow” movie as some people suggested. I hope that if Marvel does a spy-political thriller for Black Widow, that they do it right.

Official Filmilen says:

Very good review

Smoker129 says:

Just got back from watching it. I liked it but I’m a sucker for spy movies!!

ccae07 says:

Damn John no spoilers lol u said she lives

Craig Hutch109 says:

I’ll watch this just to see Jennifer Lawrence! Booootiful

chris bullis says:

i saw the previews for this and thought they were trying to beat marvel to the punch in doing a black widow movie.

Ace Breao says:

I’ll never watch one of her movies ever, unless she’s in more X-Men movies. IDK how she has an Oscar, she stole Chastain’s

Dave C R says:

Seems like Jennifer Lawrence is alright as usual, nothing special, kinda boring in a pretty average movie that i will not watch.

Nathan C says:

Hey John! Question: You referred to Joel Edgerton as underrated. Why? Even if he’s under-used, most people agree that he’s incredible, as do directors and casting agencies (seemingly.) He might be under-appreciated, but does that mean you have a different standard for what makes a *person* underrated vs what makes a *movie* underrated (ie how you answer superchats about them). Promise I’m not being a troll! I also don’t mean to sound critical or nitpicky! I am just a genuine geek for word-choice and semantics.

J Boy says:

Premise was good, the movie didn’t deliver. In fact, the best part of Red Sparrow as the uncle who looks like Putin? Oh and JLaw bares all.

cfswarley says:

SPOILER QUESTION John I’d like to get your opinion on the “controversial” elements in the movie. I’ve seen a lot of reviewers saying that they rely too much on sexual assault and that Dominika only gets strength as a character because she is raped but after I saw the movie I couldn’t disagree more. I didn’t feel like she was defined by the sexual assault I got from the movie that she was defined by her determination to get the upper hand and screw everyone over that put her in this position. People made it seem like she’s being raped throughout the whole movie and that really isn’t the case. She emasculated two guys and has a tender moment with Edgerton and the film relies on the suspense of who she is playing. I really enjoyed this movie and while I don’t think it was necessary for the guy to rape her at the beginning (I think they could have achieved the same feeling of betrayal by her uncle if she wasn’t) but besides that I don’t think the movie or character is defined by this. I’d like to here your or anyone else’s thoughts.

nickmoney says:

Feels like deceptive advertising. I think they know it was bad and didn’t know how to sell it until someone in marketing brought up it reminded them of Black Widow flash back in Age of Ultron. Then cut the trailer to look that way.

Rafael Castillo says:

On this one I disagree with you. Yes, the pacing is not fast, but I found it fine for what is essentially a spy thriller and not an action film. I felt it built the story up and I was entertained and intrigued a lot. Yes, there was not too much of a doubt which side Jennifer’s character would chose, but the ending did surprise me. Granted, I’m a huge Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton fan an that may sway me a bit, but really enjoyed it.

tdmc123 says:

Red Sparrow = Black Widow?

MovieCore says:

I still have no idea what the hell I just watched. It’s not a poorly made film, but it wasn’t an easy film to follow. Each scene was directed very very well but they didn’t feel like they had a connective continuity to them. Like the film was just tense scene, followed by tense scene, followed by tense scene etc. And Lawrence became a Sparrow very abruptly. But the movie was pretty in-your-face with the action and some of the more adult themes. So at least this movie took some chances

amazo88 says:

so this is why marvel wont make black widow movie. lol

Kal El says:

very slow burn, def not an action movie. i cant believe real people actually thought it was some type of black widow movie.

Soufian 27 says:

How was Schoenaerts?

DioMa says:

Good movie if you really invest into the story. But the pace is slow for the length and some people might find the process tedious. But once you do the twist at the end half really pays off. JLaw did a good job with the role. You don’t have to act emotional to get people attached to the role. I find the girl pretty intriguing, she has that certain charm to her.

aicdragon says:

I always find you redundant Campea. You tend to repeat youraelf at least 3 or 4 times within a subject, formulating statements as if you hadnt just said it. That being said.. Redundancy of a new kind… At least that I noticed… “Action scenes that are too short and all too brief” lmao Seriously Mr Campea… If youre deliberately repetitive, well I guess kudos to you… Mission accomplished. It seems like most of your videos (even the short ones) could be half the time(consider this in your longer ones)… Or you could utilize your time better and cover more material/subjects. If this is not a deliberate action, I implore you to go back over any of your videos and take notes at how often you repeat yourself…. Almost verbatim save for the shuffling of words. I have to say, that though you often have intriguing material to listen to, it is often very frustrating to hear you repeat yourself(particularly with the same verbiage) when Im waiting for a new piece of info or even a new subject. Beating said subject over the head.

MrMpa31 says:

Just got back from seeing ‘Red Sparrow’. It’s good. I really enjoyed it.

MrMpa31 says:

Yikes, i really disagree with John on this one. It seems like he wants to rush out of movies if they are too long for him. Maybe it’s an age thing. I didnt find it sluggish at all, i was engaged the entire time. Also i liked the ‘which side will she fall on’? It couldve went either way and i feel like John missed a lot of the subtlety.

GenesisPlanet says:

This guy is WRONG, Better than his non reccomendation. Go see It!


Jennifer Lawrence is so good looking!

KELEX says:

I never really had much excitement for this movie. It’s something I can wait for on Netflix.

Nathan Montez says:

Did anybody notice the white small box on the right top of the screen ? Or is that just the movie theater I went to ? Or is it part of the movie ?

neil Varma says:

Stream it

KELEX says:

0:08 – Looks like an older Bradley Cooper.

King tropico says:

There’s a knife scene in this movie that made the entire thing worth while for me alone

JoeMama'sBaby'sSister'sAuntie Jay says:

Don’t expect it to be similar to a black widow origin movie or you’ll be disappointed, it does not have a lot of action. Go into the movie with expectations of it being similar to the movie “Enough” by Jennifer Lopez then you will enjoy it more.

Brendan Little says:

Just came back from this one and I found the reveal of the Russian mole very interesting. I also really enjoyed it as a Cold War style thriller. I just wish they chopped like 15 minutes off but I didn’t think it felt as sluggish as John seemed to.

TomNewYorker says:

I’m only seeing this cause I’m a Fan of Jennifer Lawrence.

heck, i set through Mother! just cause she’s in it.

AAA says:

review death wish!!!please john

WolfWood375 says:

Maybe someone can clarify this, I heard there are some real gratuitous parts to this movie, like rape level stuff. That sort of thing really bothers me in movies. If there is that sort of thing, how bad is it?

vicíous says:

I think Charlotte Rampling stole the movie as usual

Dave C R says:

Definitely not watching this one, it looks stupid.

camethedawn says:

BP 97% >>> TDK 94% if you’re going to make such well thought out and insightful reviews then you’ll have to eventually admit to yourself that yes, you are a very talented film reviewer, not just a pundit. The only time I feel you’re off base is with the Canto Bight scene in Last Jedi and the purpose it served, but I think your voice should be added to the overall discussion of film, and you need to be one of the featured vetted reviewers on rotten tomatoes’ tomato meter, it’s an easy form to fill out, and they verify if you’re legit, then you just post, they allow you tube videos too. You can attract more eyes to your channel, and improve your patreon. Will you at least think about it?

Jon Hein says:

i rarely disagree with John. glad i do this time. i really enjoyed it.

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