REPLICAS Official Trailer (2017) Keanu Reeves, Alice Eve, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Movie HD

REPLICAS Official Trailer
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osman ün says:


Aiki Hanley says:

that plottwist shouldn’t be in the trailer -.-

MirinStatus says:

Take 2017 out of the title you fuck, it’s coming out August 2018.

Kris Miller says:

He’s really become a solid actor. He’s one of the best physical actors out there and he’s figured out how to own that subtle demeanor and not seem so wooden.

Mercer World Travels says:

does every trailer need to have music or can we have trailers like we used to. Were the fucking movie actually stands out without this shitty pop bullshit.

Pastor Glock says:

If alice eve was my wife I’d whatever to keep her around too!!


Which music is in background??

Cristian says:

You are now a Cylon.

Joe Smith says:

Did this ever come out?

Jacek Intruder says:

kosiarz umysłów z nintendo n64

Matt Firth says:

Music can really set a tone for a movie

tenteimuitosnomes says:

john before he becomes wicked

Tino Trivino says:

A trailer which spoiled plot..and jimmy hendrix from silicon valley….lol

chihab kech says:

no bogeyman no party !

Birk Lebowski says:

We need Neo back!

MusicMusicMusic says:

just as long as keanu gets to keep the upperhand against authority in these intense thrillers then i dont mind seeing him struggle thru a whole movie!

La Bella Damir says:

Why are there trailers released 1 year before the actual movie release ? Its so stupid, i bet all who commented forgot about this movie allready. (i believe this was just a audience reaction test trailer and movie was still in production lol)

thefridgeman says:

0:30 Miss Teen Oklahoma!

Beauty Zone says:

1:47 i couldnt stop laughing at that robot face running!couldn’t take it serious hahahahha,but i’d watch anything as long as their is keanu in it!

Frederick Allgood says:

I wish they would remake Logan’s run and minority report with a younger cast.

Samuel Maema Sam says:

Where can I download this movie?

Kaustubh says:

Why am I knowing about this now?

KajunMs39 says:

When did this come out???

StealthAssasin 1Day says:

Looks like hes creating the physical bodies of the matrix

GM 79 says:

15 years ago this would have been a great movie

Desmodontidae78 says:

This trailer draws striking parallels to The Lazarus Effect, though that film was resurrecting the deceased and not transferal of consciousness or cloning. It’s Keanu, so I’ll watch it.

M C says:

“What if something horrible goes wrong?” “Something already has.” – This movie.

Aaron McKinney says:

Uh, Chimera?!?! Too many movies with the same story just different name. Chimera is almost a shot for shot duplicate.

nur amni says:

So that’s Helen and his kids. In the Matrix.

patsap84 says:

science will destroy you and the future. when are the sheep going to wake up. if i had power, oh man, many of you more like ALL of you wouldn’t exist in my world. PEOPLE ARE THE EARTHS CANCER, KILLING IT EVER SO SLOWLY

Marina Pequeno says:

we don’t even need to watch the movie aftet watching this trailer lol

denzel klausevitz says:

Looks good


Spoiler no trailer?!..kkkkkkkkkk

Maanav Raj says:

Fools revealing so much of the plot

nunya beezwax says:

why do I feel like thy ruined it by saying the family died tat would have een a great reveal

MR picineli says:

Não consigo achar este filme

Instant Classic Shows says:

Man Return back to John Wick or Johnny Utah or Johnny Mnemonic

Khione Vie says:

Any idea what that song is near the end? Or if it’s just from the movie?

Daniel Segura says:

A “The Fountain” replica.

Welsh Wizard says:

I can never understand why they always show the boring parts of a movie in the trailers.

Philip Cooper says:

Back to the Matrix.

Sean Shupp says:

Keanu apparently really loves Shakespeare, so to me it makes sense how he would crave doing such heavy ass dramatic shit. Gotta love it.

Esdras Caleb says:

pet cemitery

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