REVENGE Official Trailer (2018) Action Thriller Movie HD

REVENGE Official Trailer (2018) Action Thriller Movie HD
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Chammy Calms says:

I thought is the matchete thing, a girl version, but anyways this is a totally badass movie…

Matthew Schmidt says:

Looks very similar to a South African film called ‘Jagveld’.

강민성 says:


Cat Walker says:

there is a movie already out just like this

Chris Dooley says:

I saw a YT video of someone who saw an advance screener of this and said it was fantastic. I’m looking forward to this.

Zion Akinjide says:

how thoughtful&original

Bryce Harrington says:

I spit on you grave? but with better acting?

Olav Langli says:

When is there gonna be a movie about a MAN who gets falsely accused of rape and goes on a revenge tour because it seems like women do that shit pretty often without any consequences

Winch Largo says:

is that from tarantino hihihihihihihhi looks similar. 🙂

Fox Heart says:

Cool. Now we don’t have to watch it. Thanks for showing the whole movie. 😀

thi b says:

looks good, loving the photography

freewindlovedolphin says:

So, did I just see the whole movie?

Lorisa214 says:

I need this movie in my life!!!

Tembuyser Tompie says:

kevin janssens xp

Matthew F says:

Oh yay, another ‘females are so strong look how strong us woman are’ movie.
Yawn. Fucking yawn.

Boyd Crowder says:

Looks interesting. I wonder if she is supernatural, or, just lucky to survive that kind of fall/ landing.

Lee Ifurung says:

This is stupid.

Anto Bernot Simson says:

look a like revenge of saw

Latina Opinions says:

Omg gotta watch this

Maja Mladenovic says:

Omg this looks interesting..

Smokr Knight says:


جود_ joud says:



nice video

CreativeYT says:


Saribas Shinobi says:

only women use sniper scope on shotgun..

Naitō Gottfreed says:

its like a 2010 movie “I spit on your grave”

Adnan Khokar says:

So she just back from the dead ??? How?!?!

Alien4UFO says:

Just the one i was looking for

Kirti Kousik says:


Jacq Husky says:

boring….rather die than watch this shit

Mason Tyler says:

Wasn’t there another movie with the same title that starred Kevin Costner?

Abdou soliman says:

That is beautiful

RéDouan CoRyénTèS says:


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