RIDE Official Trailer (2018) Bella Thorne, Jessie T. Usher Thriller Movie HD

RIDE Official Trailer (2018) Bella Thorne, Jessie T. Usher Thriller Movie HD
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513vader says:

Anyone else kinda annoyed with Hollywood shoving down everyone’s throat black guy white girl movies? Fucking mix it up, where’s white guy, black girl, or Asian girl black guy or Latina girl white guy!? Freakin anything else! Btw I’m black lol

EntyseOnline says:

the dumbest film ever. Waste of Hollywood budget, waste of film. Jessie was awesome in Survivor’s Remorse. This is a step back. Horrible script. Cheesy AF. HORRIBLE ENDING. As if their insinuating a sequel. Watch if you’re bored and nothing else to watch.

Cellular G says:

What a shit movie

xPazz Adi says:

Anyone has any idea about the song’s name between 0:30 – 053 please ?!

Happy Singh says:

Now days she’s lesbian…….

Kevin Abamonga says:

I would just grab and knock him out, instead of going thru a night of hell,..done,…interesting movie concept though..

brandonbamf99 says:

Bella looks like she smells like fermented onions

Giosner says:

I can’t watch Bella Thorne without Patrick Schwarzenegger

Janiyah Davis says:

This actually looks good I thought it was gonna just be a cheesy love story with Bella the “wild girl” but I like the little twist to it

TheDrownjrDrown says:

kinda reminds of tom cruise and jaime fox in collateral

Naira Gatsby says:

this movie was the definition of awful

ThinkinGuy says:

does bella show her tits?

robotcop says:

it has to be a black guy to play the dumb one

crazy queen 143 says:

The girl is with the bad guy

Andor says:

Sponsored by all those taxi companies who hate the 21st century

Scott Derrickson says:

No such thing as an Uber driver in a suit. That’s why they drive Uber

Rodrigo1902 says:

Dónde la puedo ver?

Northwinds says:

driver x?

novemberRain Gaming says:


liam davis says:

Minus the ride sharing app element, I feel like I’ve seen this a bunch of times in movies, usually involving a crazed hitchhikers or someone with amnesia.

Ray Alez says:

Looks like these guys were a *collateral* damage.

Oma Rumunna says:

Everything gets turned into a horror movie. From dolls to plants.

Lipo Ankuu says:

waist of time!

Wifi Venom says:

Looks good they match but, that other guy just destroyed it thought for a mint it was a love movie was better then this crap

Martial Artist says:

I want to see films with other than black leads like Asian or Hispanic. Mix it up.

Ishmael Carrillo Jr says:

Yawn…i already know the twist is the girl and the crazy man are in kahoots. These movies are so predictable.

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