SLENDER MAN Official Trailer (2018) Thriller Movie HD

SLENDER MAN Official Trailer (2018) Thriller Movie HD
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Al Michael Jr. says:

Fan made

Mike C says:

This trailer convinced to NOT see the movie.

Iron Wolf Network says:

*This isn’t the first time SLENDERMAN got his own movie, there was a SlenderMan Movie in 2013 and now there making a new one, i wonder if this is gonna be much better than the 2013 SlenderMan Movie*

TheMr.Apples 580 says:

Looks really bad

Obedientzombie 123 says:


Mr_ inglishMan says:

This better be good

Jaime Roach says:

Insert every b grade horror movie cliché into one movie… Apparently this is slender man… They took a good idea and managed to copy every single horror movie ever and make it unoriginal… Yeah… cool…

Oskar Blas says:


YOLOpig2004 Herrera says:

Slender Man creepy pasta they said they would make 5 yeas ago

TheMirelyght says:

sorry no….there was tons of mythos already made for slenderman that was truly terrifying…look up some of the major youtube projects around the idea….you will poop yourself. this looks terrible and doesn’t seem to follow any of what made slenderman terrifying.

mjstory1976 says:


Trainer Flannel says:

Can people just give this movie the tiniest chance it might be good but still unlikely

Smoketurtle55 says:

Looks like the ring if the ring was shit

Oh wait

Dipper and cat Gaming says:

I was 4 when the stabbing happened I live in iowa

Bill Harrison says:


Orfeas Gian says:

Hey, the trailer would be awesome IF THEY SHOWED SLENDERMAN MORE.

RED FOX says:

She was really wasting that marker

FBC-Ahmet -FBC says:

OMG come on

Rome Blanchard says:

I thought it was fanmade lol

Lia Frenae says:


Jason Landry says:

Why does slenderman look like the squids from arrival? And if you’re gonna do a slenderman movie at least do his lore right, impale some children on trees, have him wear a suit, nail a page to a tree. Where did this ‘He can make you kill yourself and go mad by simply existing’ thing come from? Those 2 girls IRL who believed it was real? No other reason to be making this other that to profit from a real life tragic event. Creators of this should be ashamed.

Endangered Mexican says:

It would have made sence 5 years ago

Bill Harrison says:


_ SandStork46 _ says:

yeah you’re 6 years too late fucker

imETflego 1 says:

low budget film

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