SPEED KILLS Official Trailer (2018) John Travolta, Thriller Movie HD

SPEED KILLS Official Trailer (2018) John Travolta, Thriller Movie HD
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Gašper Novak says:

He should stop making movies because nowone want to watch gays in movies. And hollywood is turning into gay pardade

jlo96f3 says:

Hairline Kills

Juan Maria DeBlunt says:

Capitalism bs propaganda

Jacob Cooley says:

self made millionaire, not a difficult achievement these days.

Michael Nix says:

odd title for the plot

paul brenner says:

Looks terrible. So does John.

Tre1 M says:

Just make a Face Off 2 lol he lived somehow

Platini Athens says:

John Seagal …..Steven Travolta!

Hunter Vex says:

I heard there is a lot of gay orgies and Scientology in this movie.

905 North says:

Must have been hard for Travolta to pretend to like all these chicks

Rob says:

Gotti 2?

Serge Blake Show says:

Repugnant and hideous. Travolta is a waste, sorry John. No positive vibes whatsoever from this flick. The trailer itself looks vomitable.

Jhon Darken says:

He looks like a plastic doll

Jerome Michael says:

Decent trailer… Shit title.

Sobeitmusic says:

John this ain’t it

Christopher C says:

A big, unnecessary fuss was made about Travolta’s movie “I Am Wrath” a few years ago. The local media where I lived left out the part where it was going to be a straight to DVD release.

Mr. Goldfinger says:

This looks like a good action movie. Travolta is unstoppable. Always bringing great movies to the screen.

psychedelic thoughts says:


Sean Fitzgerald says:

Hopefully not as shit as Gotti

yogamind says:


Kermit says:

This looks ok, Ghotti was better then I thought, but Travolta seems better in Comedy then drama imo.

Ram-n_dodge says:

Wow, thats some face Travolta

Alexander Magno. says:

Travolta never Dies….

Abe Lesser says:

Don’t fuck with a warrior John…Ajax will fuck you up

d 16 says:

He now looks like a puppet. Weird man.

Tone Cards says:

Retire already perv Jonny trav

will harbuck says:

Travolta’s rug looks terrible!

Benjamin Trif says:

Guess he didn’t take off the John Gotti makeup.

I read a book about antigravity i cant put it down says:

Speed Kills (John Travolta’s career for good)

Home is Neptune says:

The BLOW of wallstreet

Marco Sul says:

1:15 could not keep the gay in the closet had to let him out for a sec

barcelona1098 says:

Looks a great film by travolta

barcelona1098 says:

Anyone know the song in the tralier it has a good beat

TheIndyE says:

Glad to see the cast of Dexter back in action.

Russell Hess says:

Why do I get the feeling that this movie would be way better with someone other than Travolta?
And why does he look like an old, ugly Ken Doll?

Ch5 ActionNews says:

John Travolta is the new Steven Seagal

Paul Hymans says:

Speed doesn’t kill. It’s hitting things that kills.

be nice says:

So dumb

Mark Beck says:

Every one has to pay the rent.

Big Bud Wiley says:

Coming to a Redbox near you

JamesonScalia says:

$$$ This looks DOPE $$$

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