Splinter (2008) movie review horror sci-fi thriller

My review for a great little creature feature called Splinter.

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Cypher 9 says:

loved this movie. a sleeper film with tons of fear. it really creeped me out

James B. Davis says:

You HAVE GOT to review Tokyo Gore Police.

mikeLLNN says:

Trick or treat (1986) best soundtrack

Sherman Walsh says:

Review Jeruzalem

Tru Finesse says:

watched this yesterday very good movie… Thanks

Asaf DZ says:

Review the tunnel (2011)

Crimson tiger says:

The ruins

wataki2 says:

I watched this back in the day and remember hating it, maybe I’ll give it a re-watch tho.

Yoshiya Abiko says:

Review casino by martin scorsese

Monty Datta says:

Saw it couple years ago. It’s average film

AND review RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR please!

Chad Conway says:

great time

Mark Chapman says:

Stranger things… Series review

Ben Masters says:

Very enjoyable , an almost perfect b’ movie .

Horrorboy465 says:

awesome review

La Ki113r says:

4/5 is the same amount of stars I would give it

Rawthentic says:

122 minutes? that’s over 2 hours…try 82 minutes, which is to the point


I really enjoyed this film. Your points were spot on! I’d love to hear your thoughts on Feast as it’s a favorite of mine. Also, looking forward to your review of Lights Out!

Joseph Charlesworth says:

Can you please do a review for “The Poughkeepsie Tapes”? You can watch it for free on YouTube. It truly quite disturbed me and I think that it really sticks with you.

Йордан Кръстев says:

Anguish, The Confines, The Other Side Of The Door, Estranged or Baby Blues.

MrUseless247 says:

This movie was really good. Gotta love a movie where they make you cheer for the “villain” at the end. . . The opening scene with the fox is horrible. Luckily the first time I watched it I missed that little part. If I saw it at first I probably wouldn’t of watched the movie. Just my opinion.

elo812 says:

Should definitely review “Stranger Things” off Netflix

Insanity Gaming says:

Review the 1999 cannibal horror, dark comedy ravenous. It’s a great movie I think you would like it a lot

natetheliontamer 20 says:

do bunker of the dead

cookware set says:

can you review heebie jeebies I can’t find it anywhere even online but Maby your circle of people might have a copy only saw it once but it always stuck with me over the year would like to see your opinion



ruben rodriguez says:

THE DEATH OF APRIL… It’s a found footage movie but I enjoyed it… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vpujHZ1RvY

evakarin21 says:

Really enjoy your reviews. Always check them out before I watch anything

Leah R says:

I loved Feast!

Dark Cloud Ent says:

This film was ok. I’d give it 3 stars out of 5.

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