Split Movie Review || the Personalities of the Concept Thriller?

my review of Split

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Adrian Sierra says:

Oh dear, Oh me, Oh my, My gosh, Gosh darn, Darn it all to heck is it time that I interject?
Should I make a remark with some spark about Split?
It could be witty, not shitty, but its such a pity, that I have to admit, I am unfit, cuz I haven’t seen it.
So instead I’m gonna go off about some shit that may cause a fit be it cuz its either unusual, unacceptable, unbelievable, undeniable or unappealabe.
But nah, know what I’m just frontin’, my retorts aren’t the sorts to make y’all start runnin’.
I talk about Hong Kong and I go on for so long, and maybe I prolong,
My thoughts and opinions, that seem to lack brilliance, and only appeal to all Augustinians.
But fuck the hate that may arise, I ain’t gonna compromise, though some may criticize, I will send them to their demise.
I do the things the way I do, so shoo with your crew, cuz you can all rot like mildew.
So to those who want me to switch up my game plan, I suggest stop acting like a bitch before I cut off your lifespan, cuz I ain’t ever gonna stop, quit, or ditch until Jim reviews Juwanna Mann.

Mat0s - 316 says:

What I got from this review is that Split is like a cheeseburger.
I think I’m gonna see it.

NouveauArtPunk says:

My partner loved this movie. Haven’t seen it yet myself, but he was so enthusiastic about it for a variety of reasons, including a percieved commentary on the way we treat the mentally ill and those who suffer from psychological trauma.

Mage Rabbit says:

The puns in this video is on point.

Cat Cross says:

Holy FUCK thank you for at the very least mentioning the DID representation bit! I haven’t seen that in any review I’ve seen so far and its such a shame.. ;;0;;

petetownshends says:

I really don’t like the movie Split, because it vilifies people who have Dissociative Identity Disorder. It’s a very rare mental illness, but it gets so much negative exposure in media. (Film, books, etc)

ReviewYaLife says:


Andy Aquino says:

Hi Jim!

Antonio Ricardes says:

That’s funny comparing Split to Unbreakable. Smart Jim

TheOverlyHappyGoth says:

I’m very happy to hear good things from this. I was giving my boyfriend shit for wanting to watch it when I found out M.Night was the directing. But when I saw the trailer I was amazed with how pretty decent it looked. We’re going to see it Valentine’s Day I think.

Pastel Revival says:

Finally got around to seeing Split, I waited to finish watching this review because I didn’t want the “twist” spoiled for me. I thought overall the movie was a pretty decent thriller flick and I like how they portrayed the multiple personalities. Since I had never seen Unbreakable I really didn’t understand what the twist was exactly and only thought “oh hey Bruce Willis is in this that’s cool?” Now that I have seen split, I am definitely planning on going back and watching unbreakable.

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