TELL ME YOUR NAME Official Trailer (2018) Teen Thriller Movie HD

TELL ME YOUR NAME Official Trailer
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Flea Bee says:

oh wow

Aliato says:

The acting is scarier than the trailer itself.

pony power says:

my name is jeff

Neha Tandon says:

The name reminded me of Call me by your name

Cerys E says:

I didn’t even get to 30 seconds

Lola Grayce says:


rex racer says:

“Inspired by true events” ? Yeah , this and Cloverfield.

Tosin Saruk says:

Oh hell No

Cuteness Overload says:

What the fuck

telly diana dayondon says:

the acting to sa bad i wanna sleep forever.

mia says:

it looks so shit but i deadass will see it for the girl from everything sucks i meannnnn

Pari Komal says:

good movie nice kiss

Ashley Stevens says:

Sofia is alive

Eimear Taite says:

What the fudging poop is this

salatinandrubyshow says:

My Name is Jeff

Nesia Friedli says:

It said “inspired by true events”. Welp I’m not going to sleep tonight

Agus Chiribao says:

Really shitty trailer

daniela jiaf says:

Ok this freaked me out, and that’s a hard thing to do

Mary Rumsey says:

It looks konda dumb tbh

Meelia Kehoe says:

she is from the walking dead and the other one from everything sucks

Kevin van Niekerk says:

the originality in this one is strong….

sin locura no hay felicidad says:

Everything sucks emiline,… what are you doing girl??

Christmas Bunny082 says:


Ava says:

omg from the trailer i thought it was a hetro call me by your name. i really like this actress, the one from Everything Sucks!, she’s really good. I’m really excited for this.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow says:

This can’t really exist.

Aizah kindanerdy says:

Soo this is like the exorcist but a little less vulgar…?

john smith says:


imani clarke says:

Wow thought it was gonna be a romance

Alex Barker says:

My name is… Valak.

Nikita Qawiy says:

0:23 nahh bruh I just wanted to watch a late night romantic movie now im going to bed. Im scared now -_-

TypicaalToawst says:

Top ten overpowered anime characters

Dear Cybelle says:

I didn’t even finish it…damn, I can already see the terrible acting. In the beginning, this trailer is already terrible.

Ms. Lauryn Hill says:

Just terrible!

Nanii R says:

here i am relaxing on my bed and watching movie trailers and this one sounded interesting and said teen thriller why not… then a kids spits blood, fine… then this black panther looking shadows pops up okay lemme skip and then boom some creepy lady okay i paused and now ima look for my night light- –

Abigail Isaacs says:

Looks kind of scary

Doel Johon says:

And the Best Actress Award Goes To…

kiya hines says:

This movie is called along came the devil

Martha Zambrano says:

terrible acting

Jonne Willems says:

Grant every nine story flour household top broadcast presidential dust introduction.

shekhar pandey says:


arun chauhan says:


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