The Boy (2016) movie review horror thriller pg-13

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My review for The Boy. It’s the newest films from William Brent Bell who directed The Devil Inside and Wer.

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Mark Winiars says:

Horrible movie. 0 stars. Watch trilogy of terror you fake horror movie review wanna be.

Lesley Metheny says:

Nice review! And what a great point about PG13 being more or less gateway movies for kids. I never thought about it that way, but it is really insightful.

the FRANTIC says:

Insidious 1 and 2 were pg13 and i found those movies to be horrifying, probably some of the scariest movies ever, thanks to the director James Wan

Dj11 111 says:

I watched it ’cause of Lauren Cohan from Walking Dead.Apsolutelly loved the movie,one of my favourite but I was looking foward to see some paranormal activity with the doll.I give it 5/5.Awesome!:)

Jarrett Harris says:

I heard what the twist was and I was like really lol. Did you see the horror movie Bone Tomahawk? Very dope and gruesome horror movie.

Sanderus says:

I liked this film. Sure, it wasn’t a milestone in the history of the genre , but it was good enough. Cool story, the twist you mentioned in this movie reality made perfect sense, which was cool. It flirted a bit with horror cliches (like a lady in skimping clothes investigating the hose) which I found amusig. All in all I’m happy I’ve seen it in the theatre.

TriBoro Gigolo says:

this film was actually good, trailer is misleading thou, I thought the whole film was gonna have this stupid lil doll possessed like Annabelle, but the twist towards the end I didn’t expect. decent backstory, not enough blood and gore. lauren cohen gave a decent performance. brahm looks like he could be the next Jason voorhies. interested to see if they plan on doing a sequel.

Marcos G says:

I wont be catching this flick, but thanks for the review and the heads up on that movie Demons. I’m surprised I never caught it but glad I did.

sjalkdfjl;askdjf;lkasjdl;fkjasdf says:

Wasn’t scary at all :/ and tht ending twist was terrible. I do agree I like how little the advertisements gave away.

Yasna Mora Pérez says:

Great review, im actually looking forward to watching this movie, hope i like it 😀 !

Nightwalker says:

I saw this film a few days ago and really liked it and didn’t even notice it was PG-13 until I just watched your video. I guess a lot of Supernatural Horror movies don’t have to be rated R to be effective unlike “SLASHERS” cause it’s hard to make a good one without gore and a little gratuitous nudity. That’s the main reason “The Final Girls” could’ve been better. I liked this film a lot and it was a whole lot better than I thought it would be and the twist was pretty clever and truly something as a life-long Horror fan and Horror screenwriter I haven’t ever seen before so that’s saying a lot for a genre that can tend to bit a bit repetitive.

Nestor Gonzalez says:

the twist was that she has sex with the boy.

KreepiPati says:

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one surprised by the twist, hahaha, I actually liked it too. I thought those dream sequence jump scares were a little overused though…

TheTedwms83 says:

I bought this movie not too long ago figured I’d give it a whirl and it was good to suspense and mystery for sure mystery and then when it finally ended it did not make sense

PlantsVSjunior says:

AWESOME review cauwel.. i love possessed dolls movies

David Koenig says:

This is one that I have/had no interest in. Glad you like it though.

Robert Misurale says:

hey brother good work man great reviews keep it goin Thanks.

Monty Datta says:

I heard it’s a good movie until the ending twist.

sydIRISH says:

Thanks man, because of you….I saw this film. I was pleasantly surprised. I usually don’t even bother with PG-13 horror films, but I thought this one was pretty decent. Keep up the great videos dude….I love your stuff!!!!!

Stay sick, bloody….GORY!!!!!!

MovieAddict says:

Have you seen The Boy (2015) Directed by Craig William Macneill, totally underrated.

Man Twinkle says:

I always listen to your reviews, keep it up man!

Dudley Do-Rite says:

so basically he is saying its shite

Vince Castro says:

great review… it’s a shame you don’t have more subscribers

David Wade says:

movie was koo but ya house of wax villain …gud twist tho hehe

CaptainIronButt says:

So many horror films I’ve seen lately are complete garbage. This one at least looks interesting and it isn’t a “shaky cam” which is a plus. I’m gonna give this one a shot.

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