The Cloverfield Paradox – Spoiler Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews The Cloverfield Paradox, starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw, David Oyelowo, Daniel Brühl, Chris O’Dowd, Ziyi Zhang, Elizabeth Debicki, Roger Davies, Aksel Hennie. Directed by Julius Onah.


Adam Darrar says:


Shayne McCory says:

I loved the movie. Had me hooked

Akash Samson says:

I enjoyed some parts of it but all in all it confused me. Especially when I read back about the other two films.

Blue G says:

I know who the monster should eat.

Grim Chronos says:

each movie is a seperate dimension, the events in this movie have ripple effect over the multiverse where in the first one the monster comes out of the ocen and fucks shit up and in the second one there is a alien invasion nd here in the third one there is a larger monster and maybe more and who knows what else across the multiverse.

Seth Russell says:

Pretty much took the words out of my mouth. Good job, Chris.

Erik Persaud says:

Did anyone else see Gerard Butler 52 seconds inn checking his text message looking worried GEOSTORM Connection ?????

Hans Zarkov says:

it’s just a stupid straight to netflix ‘movie’. and you still owe me $15 for The Hateful Eight. what a terrible movie

Akash Samson says:

Chris would you review short films when you get the chance?

heilmann18 says:

Cloverfield monster being taller than the clouds was just a cheap jumpscare

Tobias Baumgärtner says:

Please do an review of gladiator and the death note (anime)

Ebo 101 says:

The satellite is called the shepherd not cloverfield

uutakke1 says:

The commentary from the original Cloverfield confirmed that it was in fact an infant.

Lucas Madrid says:

Review about THE EXPANSE pls!

Tyler Hillenbrand says:

Maybe you just don’t see the huge monster in the original because it was in a different part of the earth but the same dimension as the original clover field?

Matt Scoville says:

I think that the dimensions didn’t help with the whole earth thing, I kinda wish they went to an earth that was perfect and then suddenly get sucked into a wormhole by another group that runs tests so that they can get home. Then when Home they find they are in LA and the city is overrun by giant cockroaches. Really though maybe they landed in China or something and there a bigger monster there and in Texas there is a different monster from a different dimension all pulled into earth from the particle accelerator.

superjam18 says:

What if the cloverfield monster(s) themselves are multidimensional/universal time traveling monsters?

Fellborn says:

This movie was pretty stupid.

Tyler Costlow says:

I liked this movie and I’m interested in what Cloverfield does next. However, I did really like your breakdown of why it suffered from too much ambiguity. As always, love your reviews and breakdowns, Chris!

Rolo Ro says:

Its 3 universes with 3 diffrent timelines but the events happen at the same time. the next one is said to be set in the 40’s meaning it’s the 1940’s in that universe. So they co exist at the same time but it’s a diffrent year in each. Paradox was the cause of everything. Thats my take anyway.

Raider92 says:

The universe they got sent too was 10 cloverfield lane they were at war but maybe the war was
With the aliens n not with each other that would make more sense instead of saying it was the 2008 universe

djhutchison says:

This isn’t complicated. These films were never meant to be part of the same storyline. This is what happens when you take a film and retroactively connect it to another film. Of course it’s a mess. Of course it doesn’t cover all of its bases. It’s doing something it was never designed to do.

kevin mcdonald says:

so…pretty much, don’t pay attention to anything being explained in the series because nothing really connects, even if you try to make it logical? o.0

Krishna Gavarkar says:

I loved the movie…will society accept me?

UndeadSlayer5 says:

This movie just screwed my mind even more than 21 cloverfield lane!!!!!!!!!!

John Mcguire says:

Put away the nes

Sir Drovious says:

I thought clover field paradox was an ok movie, they missed a lot of opportunities in my opinion. It felt cliche they were just killing off characters one after another, and I seen the twist coming a mile away. They should’ve explored the scarier aspects of different dimensions colliding and particle acceleration. I was expecting lots of weird shit to start happening but after the hand scene it just turned into a pretty generic movie. It was short but felt like it dragged, it picked back up at the twist but like I said I seen it coming already. And why should the protagonist care if her family dies on another dimension that’s so stupid, she uses her husband as justification but he said earlier he was tired of seeing her through screens. I’m sure he wouldn’t wanna not see her ever again so she can save her dumbass family that isn’t even hers

The Surly Gamer says:

I hated the first one with all the yuppies and hipsters running around screaming, it was like a Gap ad that went wrong. The second one redeemed the series for me though.

tjcfilms2011 says:

Different time lines and dimensions brother. Think of the Mobius Continuum

Connor Johnston says:

Schmidt said that when the paradox “occurred” at their station, it caused multiple dimensions to crash into each other. Not just 2 or 3, but a series of dimensions, some in different periods of time than others. I’d simply argue that this film and the other 2 are all separate dimensions effected by the events caused in the Shepard station. When they used their collider again, it seperated the dimensions but the after-effects of that collision (IE – Aliens in our world) still remain as consequence. I’d say Cloverfield 1 is it’s own universe, one where the collision occurred (for them) in 2008, 10 Cloverfield Lane is universe 2 where they got different aliens (possibly clover monsters too) in 2015, and Cloverfield Paradox occurs between 2 dimensions, the Earth they were sent to never got Aliens, the Earth they are originally from did. Due to the movie not possibly being set in 2008, more likely the future, I’d say that this most recent film is happening in a different universe than the other 2 films. All respectively happening in their own timelines/universes, but all mutually effected by what happened in this single Universe in Cloverfield Paradox. The station caused all these universes to bleed into each other. They are solely connected by this event but dealing with it in different ways, at different times.

Matthew smith says:

My theory is that both the Cloverfield monster and the aliens seen in 10 Cloverfield lane are both inhabitants of a parallel earth in a parallel universe. So the clover monster isn’t attacking the city, it’s only acting in self defence after being disturbed in the ocean. And the aliens are not invading earth, there also acting in self defense, trying to stop invaders(humans) from taking what they think is their planet.

Dale Daywalt says:

Overall, I found Paradox surprisingly predictable for what they could have done it with it. Also… Now that the whole “alternate dimension” aspect is being revealed… It leaves little wonder anymore. I have no incentive to watch more cloverfield movies. Now, no matter the plot, no matter how strange and curious… Oh it’s an alternate dimension. Kind of ruins it for me. Who knows, maybe they will prove my expectations wrong and have opened up more worthwhile possibilities.

William Mayer says:

I thought it was stated in the film that the Cloverfield Paradox might cause monster-related problems in different universes, and in the past and future? That would largely cover the continuity/reality issues.

Anyway, the thing that annoyed me most in this movie wasn’t that, it was the sequence with the arm. That was fucking ridiculous and completely out of place – this franchise is apparently set in a science-driven, relatively rational world, and yet we have all this bullshit with an apparently self-sufficient, intelligent disembodied arm. It’s bizarre and massively incongruous.

UndeadSlayer5 says:

Chris can u please review all of the Planet of the Apes movies?

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