The Demolisher (2015) movie review action horror thriller

Ugh! This one was bad. My review for The Demolisher.

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Vilena Drum says:

love you reviews, love them more than I love my boyfriends nose

Chad Conway says:

hey man u should check out a film called, Rampage, and Rampage 2 capital punishment.

Pnmp80 says:

lol Those taglines.

ViewWorldCinema says:

I will skip this one! 🙂

Mr Logic says:

Yes its true i couldn’t finish it myself. Poor actors and storyline.

ViralKiller says:

You must review Hangman (2015)…

Christian B says:

This is defined as a review?

Vladimir Quiroz says:

do batman v superman

cookware set says:

hahaha he does look like Cano

David El Viajero says:


I just saw the movie and was searching for explanation, I don’t get much of the script, may be you can help me:

What the fuck he forgot at the cinema? what is in that chain so important?

Why is he chasing the girl to kill her? its because he saw her at the pawn shop with one of the guys from the “CULT”?

Why the people from the “cult?” save her? take her for a ride and left her at a workshop with strange people doing dark bussiness??

Why his wife don’t find strange to see him dressed in riot gear at home?

During the film he is just a normal guy in a riot gear, attacking people from behind, OK, at the end HE CAN STAB PEOPLE A THE RUBBER BATTON!!!! he just go throuhg a window and the skull of a bad guy with his baton, and he goes and stabs a guy in the chest with the same baton 🙁 WTF!!!!

I don’t understand this fucking film at all 🙁

Ben Masters says:

I don’t know why this movie was hyped … it’s pure trash . Avoid .

Bk94541 says:

SO fuck this movie then..not gonna get it …i kinda liked the trailer 2016/ HUSH ..IS FUCKIN promising & LOOKS good ,GONNA check it out for sure!

David Koenig says:

Joe, I didn’t even know what this film was until I saw your video…Did it get any press at all? Weird.

Bk94541 says:


wataki2 says:

The worst movie i’ve seen in a while was like two weeks ago, You are not alone 2014…. omg so crappy

Achilles Torres says:

This movie is great

MKD cinema says:

More like… “this is probably the worst reviewer of all time”. lol better review here folks…or those that have a brain.

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