The Divide Movie Review – Horror Sci-Fi Thriller


The Divide (2011)
R 110 min – Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Survivors of a nuclear attack are grouped together for days in the basement of their apartment building, where fear and dwindling supplies wear away at their dynamic.

Director: Xavier Gens
Writers: Karl Mueller, Eron Sheean

Cast (in credits order);

Lauren German … Eva
Michael Biehn … Mickey
Milo Ventimiglia … Josh
Courtney B. Vance … Delvin
Ashton Holmes … Adrien
Rosanna Arquette … Marilyn
Iván González … Sam
Michael Eklund … Bobby
Abbey Thickson … Wendi
Jennifer Blanc … Liz

Original Music by ;
Jean-Pierre Taieb (original music by)

Filming locations ;

Manitoba Production Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Millenium Centre – 389 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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hah hat says:

they were all irradiated, she would’ve died anyways. once that door opened, they were all doomed.

zupergozer says:

The movie for me was just a bunch of characters that I don’t know watch an explosion in some city, then they go into some basement. I could take that but when the umbrella corporation got involved I just had seen enough. Yes I know that they weren’t the umbrella corporation but they are just as silly

Anneliese B says:

Eva left the two guys because there was only one working suit. She knew the strongest would get it, so being smart she claimed it for herself. To ensure her survival she did what she had to do..thus she left the other surviours to die. I know its messed up and it isnt right and i dont agree with it, but even i’d do it to stay alive.

Absolutesublime1 says:

I loved the ending and found it very fitting for the film. I think you mean Mickey not mitch, but overall I didn’t grow attached to Mickey because of his actions towards others in the film and him trying to dominate everyone. Eva had to lock them out because there was only one working suit left, so it was kill or be killed kinda plus the actions of Mickey were way too violent and erratic.
I think the dark/bleak tone and outlook of the movie turned a lot of people off but that is what I enjoyed.

Knight-Sgt. Reyes says:

I just got done watching this movie yesterday and me being a big fan of fall out games I absolutely love this movie because it portrayes how humans react when there is no form of justice or psychosis….

TheDoubleDinger says:

I’d give it an 8/10. The score is a 10/10 though, I loved it. Michael Biehn was really good.

Bryan Bahle says:

Thats it. Im buying this right now! 😀

MAT T says:

Dark & riveting!

Magnolia296 says:

Very cool Drama/Sci-Fi/Thriller movie with intriguing storyline and great acting. The whole cast was impressive. Even the ending was great. I think this movie deserved much bigger recognition and publicity!!! Very underrated….

387DAMO says:

This movie is the wort I have ever seen

James Faust Jr says:

if y’all liked it good for you. lol I just added my 2 cents. 😉 glad you liked it.

Extronaught says:

Spectacular movie. You know its great when you’re kicking to gut the bad guys yourself. Its an amazing, shocking and provoking decent into madness. Its not for the weak of heart, it takes the survival aspect of nuclear devastation to a close cut level of involvement for the viewer! Left me with a haunting sense of how painful such an event can be to those involved. Its well up there in the Top 10, no question about it. Very glad I came across it!

ThexFatxMarathoner says:

By far the most amazing and aw inspiring PA movie I have seen, I have seen quite a few of them too. The reason that people do not like this movie is because they do not like how this portrays the human nature, the way it really is and for that reason it is good.

James Robertson says:

i really liked this movie.

Victor Lopez says:

Completely agree with this review. This movie left an impression on me that I still haven’t been able to shake away an I’ve seen the movie over a year ago.

AmandaShuNN81 says:

I hate what she did to the two at the end… lol she maybe was pissed at her boyfriend for shooting that guy she was developing feelings for, since she lost complete intrest in him. Wouldnt blame her he was a complete pussy and had no back bone…. the little girls mom? She was just sad smh.

387DAMO says:

Sorry worst

bladudemovies says:

Should’ve gone with Vault-Tech…

Moses The Prophet says:

Great review. This is one of my favorite films ever!

wellthatshilarious23 says:

Definitely wouldn’t call it the best movie I’ve seen, or even close. Probably because it disturbed me so much.

Mark Wayne Barrett says:

best film apart than dog pound and maniac

James Faust Jr says:

I wish there was someone to root for. not one likable character. especially the 2 real dirt bags who cut the dudes fingers off. lol I wish they all croaked. the beginning was cool though. I hated the rape crap. I say pass on it.

Ed Money says:

9.5?!?! Lmao. This movie was terrible. The character motivations and actions make no fucking sense. And the director fails to give the viewer any reference as to the time frame. Were they in the bunker for a month or a year??

Absolutesublime1 says:

Then you haven’t seen a lot of movies then :p

Conor Lockyer says:

there are very fiew movies that will give me movie shock, the director really shows the extent of the human condition, the movie had great tone in that it gave the fealing of a bleak future, could of extended their characters a bit more, and the ending was SHIT, the logic to my madness is that the main character eva was displayed as the last sane person and was anti violent, BUT ended up killing her boyfriend and mitch the character we grown attached to, so in the end meh 6 outta 10

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