THE DOMESTICS Official Trailer (2018) Kate Bosworth, Action, Thriller Movie HD

THE DOMESTICS Official Trailer (2018) Kate Bosworth, Action, Thriller Movie HD
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haider kazmee says:

had some scenes from The last of us

Mariusz Jagoda says:

Looks like crap.

lebarosky says:

The line about the good people not surviving is right out of Holocaust oral histories. Hollywood. The fount of creativity.

Ulviyya Efendieva geb. Latifova says:

Well this seems like PURGE but like 24/7 for 365 dayzzzzz!

Shaun Haley says:

the Bible says one day THE GREAT NATION will be blacked out and the world will turn to chaos…

when America FALLS be ready for the end of times and the world to shift into utter chaos.

natanael ferreira says:

Far cry 6 .kkkkkkkkk

theylied1776 says:

Watch [The Warriors] instead. You can tell this is what they were going for anyway.

Madnessd16 says:


emmaholo says:

The thumbnail is so Photoshopped i thought it was a game trailer

Theodore Shih says:

Don’t mess with Cheeseheads

Abam Long says:

Look like good movie

Tsunade Sama says:

This could be bad but it looks good still. And Orion Pictures I legit thought this was from the 90s

xena wallace says:

So pretty people up against dirty people.

Silent Refusal says:

This actually interesting and kind of a movie I would like to watch

nikolas magnussen says:

Premise seems kinda stupid but idk

stryfetc1 says:

Something about my state as the place to be when the shit hits the fan in these movies….in Dawn of The Dead…they were in Milwaukee….Contagion, they were trying to get into Wisconsin, which had been declared a safezone…a few other movies as well.

KORND4WG93 says:

Lol @ ‘From a Producer of 300’

moist faucet says:

SHTf movie….i am a fan….regardless what…

Katie Bobb says:

Derek Hale, is that you?
Good to see Tyler Hoechlin getting work. Love that guy.

UrbanExplorer1000 says:

shes a terrible actress

Peace Men says:

its more like a battle royal.

Squeezycakes 17 says:

so, The Road…but fun?

Dave Alnwick says:

I mean… This looks good

Shawn Anomaly says:

Looks stupid as hell with a mindless plot, horrid CGI, and brain dead action….definitely a pass.

Courtenay Lewis says:

Wow kate bosworth got noticeable old. Compared to keanu reeves that is saying something.

The Truth says:

Creepy shit, killuminati

Buld one says:


MrCrazysnoopy says:

The Suburban version of The Warriors

Mattie says:

Booooo. Looks shit. Unrealistic American hogwash!

Varun Hans says:

Superman from Supergirl and Lois Lane from Superman Returns together

SpartanWolf 01RA says:

this looks like it could either end up being one of those gems you find that is actually awesome…or fucking abyssmal. I cannot tell yet.

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