The Guest (2014) movie review thriller action

Finally got to see The Guest. Here is my review.

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Wilks363 says:

Yeah only got to see this myself last night = Absolutely LOVED this movie..!. As for Dan Stevens = He was awesome, He would be perfect to play Iron Fist in a Marvel movie.! (Marvel you heard it here first!).

DavesHadeNuFF187 says:

I was on the fence about this one, but I am going to give it a chance after seeing this review.I hope it is all what you say, or at least somewhat good, lol just saying.

DavesHadeNuFF187 says:

Also great video and channel as always, later buddy.

Juan Valenzuela says:

Honestly, I’m a little more intrigued by the poster for Blackout. I didn’t know The Gimp from Pulp Fiction had his own vehicle. Man I was gonna see if you wanted to meet up at Laemlle Claremont. I still have like $20 on the gift card I got, and I was going to suggest you see a Girl Walks Home while I watched Whiplash, and we both get a beer after, but they pulled it.

Matt B Drawings says:

i really didn’t find things to be predictable, but otherwise i agree with you. i give it a 8/10, you said it well “it’s a movie you plug in and have pizza beers and laugh.” i had some brewskis and had alot of fun with it

Pulsing Cinema says:

Great movie, great soundtrack, great review! Definitely a Halloween-meets-Terminator hybrid as the director described.

BWProductions93 says:

I loved it! It would be cool to see Erin vs David in a movie. Great soundtrack! 7.5/10

xpallodoc says:

Cool you make me want to see this

ILL WiLL says:

Great review man.I really enjoyed this, one of the biggest surprises of the year for me.

Rob Cuthbertson says:

I don’t like fun, but I like your reviews.

moviequips says:

Good stuff, thanks for this review! Liked and subscribed, cheers

David Koenig says:

I don’t like fun so….. 🙂 Great review dude…

Karunesh Mishra says:

I really had a good time with this movie… It’s action meets Halloween… Dan Stevens really steals the show with his amazing over the top acting… I must I’m gonna buy the soundtrack of this movie.. 4/5 for me also

David Hurd says:

Nice review…saw it last night, loved it so much I bought it today on blu ray and the OST…which is awesome!

Trav Vino says:

Have you ever seen the 2013 pov horror film ” The Interview”?

Dave Walker says:

Whoa it was Friday and i was eating pizza and coke

Aaron Jones says:

This movie was pretty damn awesome, have u seen Nightcrawler?

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