The Hive (2015) movie review horror sci-fi thriller

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I’m back and this is my review of The Hive!

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Al Iskandar says:

congrats on the job m8

Leah R says:

Never a doubt you would get the job.
This movie was basically Memento and the revamp of The Evil Dead smashed together. That being said I enjoyed it. Much more than it should have been enjoyed. What can I say, I’ve been beaten down by the poor Horror cinema this year.

David Koenig says:

Welcome back my friend. Hopefully, you will get to see some good films again. (BTW I didn’t like Bound To Vengeance too much…really overacted by the leads)

corry fleming says:

It’s probably on your list, but ‘bone tomahawk’ is definitely worth checking out!

Trent Ratte says:

Congrats that you got the job and great review

Drea Zombie says:

Congrats on the new job! 🙂

Fábio Monteiro says:

Have you seen Jessica Jones on netflix? I really enjoyed it, as much as daredevil

Robert Aguirre says:

great video!!

Bradley Hicks says:

Awesome!!! Congrats on the job.

Monty Datta says:

Can you PLEASE review THe Circle and TIme Lapse!?!?!?!?

Robert Misurale says:

hey congrats on the job cuz. cool your back good luck with it

AlabasterSmudge says:

Welcome back,you living,breathing legend you.

billybobtexas says:

Congrats on the job. I agree the aesthetic of the “possessed” looks like Evil Dead remake style

ILL WiLL says:

Nice review Joe. Ya i’ll probably download this first before I rush out and buy it haha

Parasites says:

Courtney, you’re going to have the peanut butter
soup with smoked duck and mashed squash. New York magazine
called it a ‘playful but mysterious little dish.” You’ll
love it. And then…the red snapper with violets and
pine nuts. I think that’ll follow nicely.

D. Luzzi says:

You’re back!!

John Reece says:

congratulations on the job and God bless

Benjamin Thörnblom says:

You sir, is a living, breathing legend! Good luck with your new job and all that outside of Youtube. Can’t wait ’til you start dropping heavy knowledge on a regular basis again.

Flashbacks is only meant for one movie and one movie alone: Fear and Loathing In LV.

Yasna Mora Pérez says:

congratulations on your new job! 😀 I was half tempted to see this movie but now im not so sure lol, anyway great review as always, good to have you back 🙂

super sayian says:

Congratulations on the job ! And make sure to check out the movie Freaks of nature that didn’t come out too long ago I would like to hear your review lol

lolo alejo says:

yey for the job you deserve it!!☆☆☆☆

Jazzer Caster says:

Woo Hoo!! Congrats on the job!!! always look forward to your reviews!

Bradford Meahaw says:

I hate when they inject too much humor into horror. hard to pull off.

collin101 hill19055 says:

Sounds really confusing and to corny definitely lol. Yeah like the other guy comedy in horror is hard to pull off but it can work but bye the sounds of it the movie failed that XD. OH AND GREAT JOB GETTING THE JOB MAN!!! hope it goes well for you sounds like you put a lot of effort in it so good job.

Trav Vino says:

Good review, I recently saw a great movie ” The Gift”. I’m still anticipating for “House on Pine Street” and ” The Witch” to get a mass release, I can’t find them anywhere.

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