THE NANNY IS WATCHING Official Trailer (2018) Thriller Movie HD

THE NANNY IS WATCHING Official Trailer (2018) Thriller Movie HD
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Alexandro Tirador says:

OMG Liam from Dynasty!

joeteegee says:

00:51 – “But when technology goes TO far”???? That’s some good proof-reading right there! Oh dear

The Red Republic says:

Fooken stupid

MarvelFox Morty says:

Too bored

NCYungin says:

I like the story, just wish they had better actors in it

Cynthia Gould says:

REALLY?!?!? “but when technology goes TOO far.” Not “to far”. A typo in the movie trailer? Your marketing team should be horrifically embarrassed.

oncall21 says:

Spelling ‘to?’ (too).

Michael Pipkin says:

Alexa! Fuck off!!!!

ashimadaniel31 says:

Well damn not why just show us the whole movie smh

Ivy Idis says:

Gosh the acting is so “good”. Really nailed their performances

Muja MT says:


Time Sensitive says:

Too predictable! The trailer gave up the whole plot…pass

cdowg187 says:

Fuckin lifetime movies

ceasar chavez says:

I just saw the whole damn movie in 2mins

Jareth The Goblin King says:

U don’t just fire a nanny that u just met just becuz u think technology is better. that’s just wrong

NS Promio says:

flop of the year?? honestly i dont even consider this a movie lol

3Slippers says:

I had no idea there were so many shit films around until I subscribed to ONE Media. They can’t even spell ‘too’ FGS (0:51) unsubscribing from this deluge of crap

Alex William says:

Phsyco nanny,needs to give some rest to old brain

Actor:waleed alsharif says:

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Paper Contact says:

Check out this BiZZAR short Film Called the Silver RooM created by Line A RoACh FiLMS


O my god such a teribble things I have watch ,,,,

Nelson Gonzalez says:

…. and this qualifies for a movie these days? …. seriously?

Camilla Saario says:


TheJimi62 says:


mako zero says:

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the eorld.

William Ross Wallace

Ms. M says:

Geez..the actors must have done this movie for the IMDB credit. Looks like a block of cheese.

YanPPT Dev says:

The mommy is watching.

Andy Tjhin says:

Cinta Laura ?

Kara says:

I think they realized no one would intentionally watch this so they just gave us the whole thing in the trailer

mahadi ali says:

1st view I’m dude

nxtlvl miles says:

im even surprised i finished this trailer


Very nice video

James Wan says:


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