The Post [Political Thriller Movie Review]

My review of “The Post”, historical political thriller about the Washington Post and the publication of the Pentagon Papers, directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks.
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Richard Houlton says:

I agree. Not a terrible movie but far from achieving what the sum of its parts should have added up to. The cast (especially Streep) are terrific and did their best…but it’s just….well….a bit of a mess.

Jarnagua says:

Yes yes yes yes! You nailed it, brother. Spielberg is a legend, but he has to get his game back together. The Post was a rushed, hamfisted melodrama when it should have been a thrilling political pressure cooker.

buckspa says:

It’s very interesting to hear a non-U.S. perspective. Kay Graham was revered by the ‘establishment’ types and they wanted to use this story to push the importance of the press, which is in very bad repute currently. But it seems like ancient history now – when is the last time you read a printed newspaper? I thought the places where Graham and Bradlee needled each other about bias covering Kennedy/Johnson were interesting, although they were models of impartiality compared with today. As a political junkie I found it interesting, but it was pushing a narrative a little too hard as a counter to what is going on currently. As you said, ‘there are bigger fishes to fry.’

nexttsar says:

I agree. Some events do not really make a good film. I don’t even want to see this.

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