THE PRODIGY Official Trailer (2019) Thriller Movie HD

THE PRODIGY Official Trailer (2019) Thriller Movie HD
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Ryan Trevino says:

Was anyone else oddly expecting him to go “You’ll float, too!” #GeorgieIT

Dusan Zec says:


MegaDoug4 says:


Dun Mealder says:

Fuck that ending

Paul McEvilly says:

another run of the mill horror

kemas abdullah says:

Miles what’s wrong ?
Mommy you’ll float too, you’ll float too, you’ll float too, you’ll float too, YOU’LL FLOAT TOO !!!!

George A says:

They grow up so fast…

Dylan Doran says:


Sharon Atugonza says:

I got a mini heart attack at the end

Chris ray says:

Got me good!!

matejkar 666 says:

Is it just me or is the actor who plays the kid the same actor who played georgie in IT 2017, if not they really look alike

Mad1Lee says:

I fucking knew there was gonna be a fucking jump scare at the end, it was obvious and cliche as fuck. I still jumped a bit in my chair. Fuck you, trailer 🙂

Over Starter says:

surprise wincest

Brock Naranjo says:

Hereditary 2.0

Xylvearth Gaea says:

Nice…. I screamed….professionally…. Means without waking sleeping people up…


Coen A says:

How you know you’re watching the trailer for a horror movie: a young child standing motionless with a deadpan expression.

Nil QC says:

“Your construction, smells of corruption.” – LoFi

Annon User says:

Yeah that’s great and all but what the fuck is this about again

Furyan Auror says:

Looks terrible

Joël Westra says:

This is how you do a trailer. Now no more footage until the film comes out.

Lindsey Fuller says:

I thought it was going to be a new music video

Jeff Hall says:

That sure is some fast-acting growth hormone.

legacy1975 says:


drewminati says:

Got me!!!

ferdean jami says:

I swear if I see one skull trooper comment then I’m done with life

Karlhel Rivera says:

Papa Emeritus Jr.

Chandler Spivey says:



Pretty good trailer.

dk black says:

I…um….have to go change my pants now.

sweetnovember says:


Svein Olav Larsen says:

Goosebumps from hell! Jesus Christ…

jaydin washington says:

Thats the boy from IT georgie

David Mwikya says:

what the…

john Fredrik says:

These people are always getting possessed.

James Fraser says:

This looks dumb as rocks.

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