THE PUNISHED Official Trailer (2018) Thriller, Action Movie HD

THE PUNISHED Official Trailer (2018) Thriller, Action Movie HD
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Ren Stimpy says:

1:17 of g-a-and. Y

SpartanWolf 01RA says:

I mean.. this is shockingly bad. you guys have to know that right?!

Gaming Moments says:

For some reason this feels fan made

Josh Almanza says:

Straight to home video.

Sheldon Goodfellow says:


Jens says:

I’m confused… is this a movie about Crossbones or Punisher?

MarvelFox Morty says:

Direct Rip-off from ‘Marvel The Punisher’

Clinton Roy says:

Great dialogue

N. Wren says:

Cute kid, but OMG, really? This sh*t again. Scripts like mad lab pads.

Marcos Leite says:

Só aceito se for da Marvel o resto é clichê!!

Batman The dark knight says:

Allready punished just by showing me this video

Alexander Forsyth says:


T0x1c says:

C movie

Niven Wyeth says:


Jeff Pettis says:

This looks like punishing viewing

Central Animation says:

Neflix punisher is better

stevenarmy2 says:

rip-off Darksiders 2 and Punisher

Boriss YapTv says:

Too old cinematic

Jupitix says:

This looks really bad

Cortex Engineer says:

HAH! that shot with him walkin on the plane, i can imagine the debate before hand. “No my friend just wants to dress up like a terrorist and walk onto the plane while getting his picture taken…

Glanowsky ! says:

Only Jon Bernthal. I think thats going to be a big shit

Ren Stimpy says:

That last comment was in real-time

Michael Nix says:

wow, they should have just named him “Not the Punisher”

ArchShade says:

this is a parody right?

L's Successor says:

They stole the mask from Darksiders

Boycinator says:

looks like a 2005 cheesy action flick, plus no one else can play Castle better than John Bernthal no exceptions

jnazorn0t says:

the punished’er?

Douglass Davis says:

Yea you’re” punishing “yourself if you’re going to watch this crap. Eye know eye am just from the trailer.

Christophe Lewis says:

Thats reaper from overwatch, a fake punisher.

lord garen says:

Is that real?

Chris Dooley says:

Sooo it’s a Punisher rip-off? No thnx

Who Am i? says:

What. If The Punisher sees this you’re fucked.

Harold Atlas says:

Death go home you’re drunk. You’re supposed to save War remember?

Star Lord says:

This some straight to dvd bullshit tf is this?

Roger Tramp says:

What you will be if you pay money for this.

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