The Purge: Anarchy (2014) movie review horror action thriller

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My review for The Purge Anarchy. I was pleasantly surprised.

My review for the first Purge film-


Jerald Juarez says:

Oops i did the exact thing you told us not to do in the beginning but it 10 out of 10 stars.

Boo says:

Video Thumbnail says it all 🙂

Ant Woods says:

Yes I loved this movie…Just remember all the good the Purge does

David Koenig says:

Still really have no interest in this….

lolo alejo says:

Lol the rich mother fuckers!! That was funny LOVE YOU ! Besitos



Have you checked out these Japanese found footage films yet? Shirome,, cho akunin, and cult? There by the same director that made Noroi the curse. And not found footage films but some foreign favorites chocolate and raging phoenix. Im not even a kung fu fan but these were different for some reason and really held my interest. 

Stuffed Burrito Entertainment says:

So glad you enjoyed it for just being a fun, mindless action-thriller and didn’t worry about the fact that it didn’t fully build on it’s premise. This series is not going to get better in terms of storytelling, that is clear. As long as they can entertain, I’ll watch them. This had some awesome shootouts and that’s what I enjoyed. Also, hell yes, Frank Grillo is a beast. Totally want to see him be in more action movies. And the fucker is 51 years-old! That’s crazy! Awesome, honest review, bro. I hate that people are bashing this film as if it were an Adam Sandler film. It’s not that bad of a flick.

AlabasterSmudge says:

Just watched it and really enjoyed it.Laughed and went Wha? a lot.Never heard of Frank Grillo.He should of starred in every Liam Neeson action flick.He’s cooool.Great review.Thanks for recommending!

Roll Credits says:

hmm good to hear it’s not completely terrible

Frank L says:

I am definitely buying this! Great review!

fourth1000 says:

If “All crime is legal” why only focus on murders?

CollinTheCinemaAddict says:

Just from the trailer it looked better than the original. Hopefully I get a chance to see this in theaters. Great review Joe!

Mladen Kulic says:

I like it a little bit more than a first one.
Yes there a many flaws like in the first film,but at least it was more entertaining than a first one.

Wilks363 says:

Looking forward to this.!, I enjoyed the first one, It reminded me of a 80’s type of movie that would have been done. As for Frank Grillo, Lot of people saying he should be the new “Punisher” (Forget the fact he’s already playing Crossbones in Captain America.!, If Chris Evans can do it why not..!).

xpallodoc says:

There is no such thing as the 99% I feel no closeness to some one just because they are as poor as me

aiken relkins says:

I think it would have be a good idea if one day they make a prequel that shows the beginning of the new government and how the first purge happened and all of that. 

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