The Sacrament (2013) movie review horror thriller cult Ti West film

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I got to see Ti West’s newest film The Sacrament a little early. Imagine a mockumentary about Jones Town.


Blaine Murphy says:

I really love Ti West as a horror director.  He’s one of my favorites of today’s horror directors.  I’ve seen House of the Devil and The Innkeepers.  I both loved those films.  I love House of the Devil a lot more though.  I really really want to see The Sacrament bad.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about this movie.

Daytime Romancer says:

weird random scary noises

AlabasterSmudge says:

Yeah,the acting didn’t work for me.I read on imdb that there’s a couple of ex-Harlem Globetrotters in crowd scenes.They should of been worked into the story playing themselves.Why not?

Colin Morris says:

Really wanting to see this, been waiting almost a year for this one. I love the Jim Jones story I find it very interesting. I enjoy Ti West’s work too. I’m a fan of the slow burn, 70’s . 80’s throwback movies and can’t wait to see West’s stylized version on the Jonestown suicides. Good review!

Aaron Maxwell says:

House of dracula, brainscan, high tension and ti wests higher tension are some faves and recommended, great review also

ViewWorldCinema says:

Great review! I am not a huge fan of Ti West, but there are positives from his films. I will check this one out! Great work!

piepods says:

Great sum up man, dosnt give it away at all. This is an atmospheric movie and for me, knowing about the events this film was based on (many scenarios directly referencing actual events and almost identical timeline) enriched this film and made it truly terrifying.

David Koenig says:

I’m a big fan of Ti West so my ass in already in the virtual seat…plus I love that movie poster (I design like that so…)…looking forward to seeing it, great review!

Jacob Reviews Movies says:

Nice review! I have that same poster hung up in my room. I’ve been wanting to check out this movie for a while now…I’m a big Ti West fan

Jamaal Windom says:

you say you dont want to spoil but did you know this movie was based off the jonestown massacre? So if you watched that documentary you pretty much know what is going to happen.

Ace Hunter says:

I like slow burn horror, but there has to be a payoff and this is where I find Ti West so frustrating. He’s good with atmosphere and buildup, but his endings are always weak. If I’m going to sit through 70-odd minutes of buildup, I want a memorable payoff. Audition is a good example.

AlabasterSmudge says:

The story could have been a little more original.Awful.I’ll stick with Guyana:Cult of the Damned.

Francis Lavoie says:

I love Ti West, I can’t wait for this movie.

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