THE SQUARE Official Trailer (2017) Elisabeth Moss, Comedy, Thriller Movie HD

THE SQUARE Trailer (2017) Elisabeth Moss, Comedy, Thriller Movie HD
© 2017 – Magnolia Pictures

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Asia says:


Tyson Wheeler says:

Elisabeth Moss is a legend in the making!!!

Jerzygirl says:

What the fuck????great a movie about art snobs

Jonathan says:

looks like shit

jeremy precel says:

this is gonna tank hard

Drinner D says:

This trailer is fantastic, lol!

Ally Jay says:


notorioussaint13 says:

what did I just watch!

EtchedInStone says:

Off the wall.

Serenity113 says:

I’m not… entirely sure of what I just watched.

Joshua Smith says:

Looks better than the transformers movies. haha

jā carter says:

This looks like it’s offering more than just a facetious denigration of contemporary art culture, but might actually hope to offer a view of Why so many people consider it such a stimulating and satisfying field of devotion.

Too many people already have the unchallenged (but entirely perfunctory) opinion that “the Art World” is a money laundering scam, a mind control conspiracy or a circle jerk of out of touch aristocrats.

All of which DO lurk around the art world, (at least where it revolves around museums, auctions and galleries) but there is also a very legitimate exploration of human experience and perception that has been unfolding for generations, as conceptual artists base works off of ideas raised by artists in generations prior.
Sure, it’s become abstracted as fuck by now, but it’s really just an ongoing philosophical conversation taking place in a language of visual representation.

Bothering to educate museum and gallery attendants on this language, and bothering to learn it would make “the art world” far less Mysterious.

Moss Workneh says:

i fuckin love this … can’t wait!

Yamin Thein says:

Came for Terry Notary. Stayed for Terry Notary.

David Welsh says:

A movie exposing the pretension of “modern art” and how unfounded it really is. May actually watch this film.

Actual Trash says:

Saw this a while ago since i live in Sweden and i gotta say, it was really strange, but quite fantastic.

Rohan Singh says:


rigby16 says:

is that danish?, It sounds a bit like it (not that I actually know it) my bet would be one of the scandinavian lenguages

Matthew Bryan says:

Damn she’s doing well for herself. Handmaids tale, top of the lake, this

Demond Wilson says:

Thought this was the movie about the Arab spring in Egypt by a very similar title

Buster Eriksson says:

Go see this movie, it’s great!

ArkenVerse says:

As a person who has studied the Arts I’d just like to say… “Thank Gawd, someone made a movie that actually mocks this shit”

Dean Wilson says:

I was confused about the ending. May someone write a comment below and explain it to me? What does him receiving the ticket mean exactly? Is there multiple interpretations. What did you think it meant. Thank you.

afro symphony says:

That man playing an ape scene really made me laugh out loud!

Peace Men says:

this is the reason why Europe is falling down so sad

MrNozza123 says:

Adam Ruins Modern Art: The Movie

DarkcIoud1111 says:

I was expecting more square.

Sherwin Xu says:

What is the music in the beginning? Thanks.

Joe Smith says:

Is this a sequel to The Circle?

Evan Zamir says:

Elisabeth Moss is incapable of doing wrong.

Blue Ribbon Manor says:


Dart Vade says:

Elisabeth Moss 🙁 ugh

Eric DE BRAUWER says:

Such a great, fun and original movie!

Rohan Singh says:


pschk89 says:

why I hate modern art. It is for idiots.


the song IN the moive ???

Isabella Morris says:

This looks weird, and potentially grating, but I’ll probably go and see it.
As many people as possible need to see this so studios take chances on weirder films – I’d take a film by a director with an actual vision and interest over yet another soulless blockbuster (and I say this as someone who quite likes superhero films!)

(Also, phrases like “all modern art is trash” are gross and incorrect generalisations.)

Mark-Leon Thorne says:

I love Elisabeth Moss but this movie looks lame.

Buenomars says:

So now we have six films named “The Square,” four of which in the last ten years.

max mustermann says:

that sums up modern art…cheap af

I Am Zain Photography Magazine says:

What song was used at the end lol

George Ikediashi says:

Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Stupid. Brilliant.

SteveDave Steve says:

This looks hilarious. The ape guy scene just cracks me up and Elisabeth Moss is such a great actress…her expressions are priceless!!

Albert Ricci says:

Anyone know the name of the song that starts at 1:15?

blackclothesblackcat says:

It’s a Palme D’or winner. My expectations are high.

Steve Gilbert says:

Is this a sequel to “The Circle”.
Is “The Triangle” green lighted to start production yet?

JeyAh says:

Pretentious as hell. A modern art “film”. Thank god it’s a spoof, I hope.

gingergrey says:

0.31seconds, channeling ellen, right there

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