THE SUPER Official Trailer (2018) Val Kilmer, Thriller Movie HD

THE SUPER Official Trailer (2018) Val Kilmer, Thriller Movie HD
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Mohamad Raj says:

I’m gonna rank it B-.

Thomas Bowling says:

Let me guess the little girlnis evil

John Burke says:

Val Kill more!

osbely morales says:

A Val Kilmer movie that is actually good!?

MakeMeMakeup 1980 says:

It looks so stupid tho

anamayshun says:

I never should’ve guessed that was Val Kilmer.

renee b says:

Just from the trailer I see a child wondering around unsupervised around strangers and a working furnace.. This isn’t supernatural this is bad parenting

Ignacio SA says:

This movie looks SUPER-boring

William Woody says:

Poor Val Kilmer-cancer,now this.

Jason Barron says:

Val Kilmer is the good guy, the new super is the bad guy with a split personality.

Brittany Avery Gordon says:

So happy one of my favorite actors Val Kilmer is back I always knew he was a badass actor

Ryan B says:

Yeah, Val!!

Olav Langli says:

Even as children girls are useless idiots

Critic Quest says:

You go Val nice to see you didn’t let that shitty cancer get you down!

sol666 says:

This is the first time vall kilmer is truly a nightmare inducing villain.

rogerman pistol says:

so they go in furnes

ibtaba says:

Now we know what happened to Chris from ‘Heat”.

Human who chose the path of the Warrior Monk says:

Damn this looks like a mess

Johnny Rocket73 says:

Where is it seem like everything that comes out of Hollywood now it’s just kids being tortured sacrificed or eatin

OmegaSconer says:

Honestly…. This looks pretty awful.

jason young says:

Is Corey Feldman in this flick also?

Cody Peters says:

Val is back to work. Glad to see hes recovering

Mario Soto says:

I was expecting Kilmer to go:”Will you be my huckleberry?”.

Dom DeLuise says:

I didn’t realise he could actually talk yet(normally), I wonder if his parts are ADR’d like in The Snowman.

roddi733 says:

Straight. To. Video

Othman Lahlou says:

Please Val kilmer
Just one more

MrKernkraft4000 says:

He must have gotten in shape for Top Gun 2

One Love says:

Val kills them all with his reading glasses.

Malcolm Swoboda says:

My super just fixes shit.

Ben V says:

That furnace face is going to give me nightmares lol

falkenphoenix says:

Val Kilmer as Jeff Bridges …

Recluse says:

All these comments and you guys are forgetting one thing….


Joy L says:

lol Val must be desperate for some attention or cash

sialraya says:

You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain…

You don’t want Batman becoming bloodthirsty, especially when he has a massive creepy furnace in his Batcave!

richard murphy says:

I do maintenance blood curdling stories of blocked toilets and leaky showers so far no takers on my script

Ilya Termini says:

Che cazzata….

kuku kaka says:

love Val Kilmer

Paula Popescu says:

Always remembering his lips in Batman forever…damn, so sexy:)

MikeMJPMUNCH says:

Is the twist in this going to be that Val Kilmer and the main guy are the same person or something

pacandpal3 says:

val kilmers a bad guy for once .


Pobre cucho

Darith Bluitt says:


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