They Look Like People (2015) movie review horror thriller

My review for They Look Like People.

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mikesedits96 says:

First off, great review, I will definitely subscribe and check out more! I loved the film and I thought they did an amazing job showing how schizophrenia really affects a person and their life. I loved the romance, because of how it wasn’t working out perfectly like it does in most modern film. At times it was slow paced but I believe it was to bring out more about the characters and what was happening at that time. The friendship really grew on me through the film as well as the characters. The mystery of who was calling and who is “infected” or not really kept me on edge and interested the whole time. Amazing film, gave it 5/5 stars, would definitely watch again.

CelebThaLegend1 says:

the ending pissed me off

N B. says:

Not a huge horror fan but I’ll watch some here and there. The director has a gift for creating creepy tension. Like when the main character is lying in bed looking at his ex and something feels off. My inner sci-fi nerd wanted the ending to be different but I enjoyed it overall.

TheTedwms83 says:

Ehh no to slow for me

Graham Goodwin says:

This movie needs to be erased

You Can Heal says:

Boring movie. They could have added freaky visuals or some damn thing! Not entertaining whatsoever.

Mark Beltran says:

Just saw this movie and honestly I was glued to the screen i kept asking for more. The suspense grew and grew. Reminded me of the Amory Wars in coheed and cambria where a big was about to start. but i agree with the ending i was fairly disappointed and left me wondering what the movie was really about.

YepOkay says:

Just watched this movie and really enjoyed it. Nice review!

Reyth77 says:

The ending is a statement on how powerful mental illness can be…

abovethuniverse says:

For what it was, it was well done, the ending made complete sense!

Van H. says:

The real horror in this movie is the extremes that mental illness can take you to,the ending was beautiful.

F dL says:

I love the ending! Absolute bromance. Wyatt is still lucky to have a friend like that. It’s a nice movie for bestfriends.

E Reg says:

I like these videos so much just for the fact that they are honest and always helpful for finding new movies to watch. You earned a sub!

ironbixby says:

I understood what it was trying to do, but it left me hanging too many times for my taste and it was super boring imo..

Will Hertel says:

Wasn’t my thing but I do agree it was well done

Jake Lynch says:

What happens to the girl? Did Wyatt kill her?

Dark Shadows says:

This movie is an hour long

- Oiduakni - says:

So Cauwel3, do you figure when he took off the bag and looked at his friend he changed too?

unknown says:

I enjoyed the movie

Alex MGrr says:

Great movie. Actually creeped me out a bit.

Taylor Beatty says:

I enjoyed it the ending was perfect for me..great sup

exitmult says:

Nice review. I will need to check it out.

cgtalk ! says:

Movie was ok. Not the best.

The Real Big Lenny Official YouTube says:

it was def creepy as hell, especially that opening scene…

C.W.F. Channel says:

I hate when they disable the likes and comments on a movie trailer. I appreciate your review. Gonna check this film out! Thanks.

FrogLungs says:

this movie was boring. I wouldn’t call it a horror movie. more drama/psychological.

Nathan Louis says:

Great review, I like your style of speaking although I decided not to watch this one lol

ultravioletcats says:

I didn’t necessarily like this film and I have to disagree with you that it was not very well done. First of all the acting was quite subpar (especially the brown haired lead who couldn’t stop laughing in every serious scene), the cinematography was actually impressive with the first 30 minutes of the film but it really started to fall off about halfway through the film, I noticed a few mistakes with the audio but overall it was decent, the opening scene did not have to be included at all considering (spoilers) there were no aliens in the first place. I really would’ve loved to see this movie done as an actual horror with some aspects changed, the creepy scenes (including the opening) managed to actually get me pretty scared, overall I felt that it could’ve been done a lot better with the writing and the casting could’ve been much better imo. (Also the Netflix description is pretty misleading)

cowslane1 says:

nice review 🙂 I really appreciated the ending, because I think the lack of resolution was intentional. People suffering from schizophrenia don’t always enjoy the benefit of knowing whether something was real or a hallucination. They don’t always get that confirmation, so the filmmaker left us with the same feeling Wyatt had. I think it was really smart.

andeace23 says:

Good movie, highly recommend for an indie horror film

Charles Benson says:

So was he crazy after all that’s how I felt by the end

Tony Sauce says:

I kinda wanted the bad ending as well but at the same time i didnt want to see him kill his friend

jmax and company. says:


Carley Renee says:

As someone schizophrenic, I was shaking after the ending for twenty minutes! I thought they got the psychosis spot on. As for the ending, I feel like I got the payoff the movie intended to have. It was realistic in the fact, that his friend, after having all of his hopes pretty much ruined, just let go and see if his crazy friend was going to go through with it. I think the movie was meant to display their friendship and trust more than anything, as well as how people with schizophrenia (though not always in extreme cases) can be forgiven. You’ll noticed in the movie that none of the main characters held it over his head (even Sandy mostly pitied him) and while they may not have trusted him, they certainly didn’t hate him. All in all, the movie was super tense and I think the acting should get its own great rating. Cinematography was also beautiful.

jd M says:

well done but I hated the ending was going so great big letdown

exitmult says:

Nice review. I will need to check it out.

Johnnythepillpopper says:

The movie was ok. But I liked the ending. I think at the end it was about friendship, how his friend was willing to put himself in jeopardy for his friend. I was looking for a horror movie, and it turned out to be a feel good movie.I once had a friend like that. Not crazy. A fuck it let’s do it friend, also mental health.

Frictional Weekly says:

One of my favorite horror movies.

81metalhammer says:

The ending in this movie was the best part for me. His friend displayed a massive sacrifice of trust to help him realise that he was mentally ill, the type of friends people with schizophrenia need, and the type of movies that should be made more often.

exitmult says:

nice review. I will need to check this out.

Wraith Timid says:

I just liked Mara. <3

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