Top 10 Movies Way Too Upsetting to Watch Twice

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marc penaflor says:


musicartguy1 says:

Seven, Dead Man Walking, The Sweet Hereafter.

Jolie Frijole says:

Clockwork Orange and ‘Night Mother…..

Makeup&fanart says:

Sky with Norman Reedus. It screwed me up for like a week afterwards. I can’t watch it

Man from Nantucket says:

2 girls 1 cup

chelsi arsenault says:

Kids and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas should be on here.

Project Breakthrough Cash Online says:

Schindler’s List is a bs movie.

Toasty McSauce says:

I’ll never be able to put myself through Blue Valentine again. That movie wrecked me.

Matthew Nada says:

Color Purple? Honorable mention? GTFOH!!! I’ve seen this movie 100 times. Even though Albert was a bastard it doesn’t make the film unrewatchable!!!

samuella owens says:

grave of the fireflies should have been on here.

Ehlyn Herrero says:

Flowers of war.. i cried my heart out

radolf p says:

For me most upsetting is “contracted” “the frontier ” and the curver

honey baby says:

i’m gonna have to rewatch requiem for a dream

Lewie Fuller says:

Smashing of the Christ. Lol

pastaz3 says:

Don’t watch Salo just don’t………..

Zil Osorno says:

I wish you talk less.

John Rambo says:

Where is “american history X”?

Moxy O'Onyx says:

The true story of aboriginal children taken for re education by white Australians – and a very, very young & tiny brother & sister walk across the Aussie outback – trying to get back home to their family. There were even hunters chasing them. “Rabbit Proof Fence” is unforgettable!

Julianne Singz says:

What about the boy in the striped pajamas I’m pretty sure I lost my tear supply on that one…. then my fifth grade teacher made me read the book

Omega Effect says:

Knock Knock (2015) fuck that movie

musicartguy1 says:

Pans Labyrinth

Erin Hayward says:

Grave of the fireflies… MY FUCKING HEART

Boi Stop 334 says:

I’m surprised Teeth didn’t make the list

BigDog36 says:

mind you, I only saw up to the 6th movie, but if you didn’t see the other ones 4 or more times, than you’re a pussy plain and simple. Hell Green mile I saw 34 times and read the book twice.

gummmby says:

Girl next door, definitely shpuld have been number 1

TheWelshManc says:

The Green Mile is definitely a film I watch over and over and the only film I cried a little

Thomas Obrien says:

Mine is the boy in the striped pajamas the end was extremely sad.

Marques Martinez says:

The Road was super depressig

homework1992 says:

I’m mad Fruitvale Station didn’t make the list. I weep almost every time!

Misty Edgley says:

Precious and The Color Purple

Andrew Brookes says:

The Last Jedi should be on here

Matthew Nada says:

How Bjork did not get nominated for an Oscar for Dance in the Dark is beyond me

Heather Erickson says:

I just watched The Tale on HBO and would add that to this list.

Man from Nantucket says:

12 Years a Slav

whitwhit87 says:

Brownback mountain still seems like a joke…like why did they fucking call it BROKE back mountain?? That was my movie though.

André Leite says:


Alphabetical Order says:

We watched the passion of the Christ in Religious Studies in high school

kristjan830 says:

I’ve seen Green mille three Timesi cuz its really good

Daniel DeMayo says:

I used to watch requiem for a dream on repeat….they should show it in D.A.R.E haha

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