Top 10 Thrillers of All Time – Movie Lists

Continuing our journey through the genres, we’re taking a look at all the best types of thrillers, political, action, crime, erotic, and more. It’s time to bite your nails through 10 of the best thrillers of all time!

The Picks

‘Fleeing the Monster’ – No Country for Old Men
Physical Thriller – Wages of Fear
Comedy Thriller – In Bruges
Erotic Thriller – Double Indemnity
Film Noir – The Third Man
Crime Thriller – High and Low
Conspiracy Thriller – Blow Out
Spy Thriller – The Day of the Jackal
Contained Thriller – A Man Escaped
Psychological Thriller – Vertigo

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Moz A says:

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?

Joseph Gavrilides says:

Memento should’ve been number 1.


Wages of fear is a great film and not wildly known. This list is one of the best I’ve saw on YouTube overall, amazing films

hadi s says:

Most of the mentioned names in the video are not thrillers

prashanth verman says:

Dude you missed insomnia

H.F. Salgado says:

Death note

K ris says:

I like Fred MacMurray, but I can’t take him seriously in suspense. He’s too wholesome

Jordan Peters says:

I thought at least an honorable mention should have gone to “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” for best spy thriller.

OtakBolong says:

been watching a lot of your videos they always mention the same movies tbh

Connor L says:

So happy you guys added in bruges to one of your lists, one of my favorite movies.

Manish Karki says:

predestinaton ,,

Tom Poliak says:

The Score

Sonja Morrison says:

Manchurian Candidate…any day

King Sneaks says:

I personally would take marathon man over day of the jackal

Jack Berczi says:

No David Fincher?

Sigit Widianto says:

Woow 70% is my grandpa movies….

Lewis Martinee says:

The departed?

Jake Wagner says:

Ghost Writer is a great thriller too.

Candace U says:

I love your lists! You include movies that are not part of today and are opening minds!! Thank you, keep them coming

LAaryan Jamta says:

Why don’t you name it top thrillers of the 1900s,I mean c’mon!!

James Williams says:

The thumbnail’s hilarious

Sterling Gafford says:

You guys and “No Country..” it can’t be top 10 for everything, just chill

Sonja Morrison says:

Ah, the third man! Sigh

loltheworld says:

What is the film in the thumbnail?

maren C says:

Fleeing the Monster:
– Terminator
– Terminator 2

– Heat
– 96 hours

– Fight Club
– Mullholland Drive (must see and understand !!)
– Blue Velvet
– The Game
– Shutter Island

Billy Gray says:

not my fav but imma go “crimson tide”

Avik Banerjee says:

NO THRILLER IS INCOMPLETE WITHOUT “OLDBOY”. another category – “disturbing in-ur-face thriller”..

rahp Seraphial says:

Best Erotic Thriller should have been Under The Skin!

Rene Treur says:

Missed the usual suspects, and maybe even the prestige. Though that was as much a drama as a thriller perhaps

szczepaniontko says:

I would always count in on a lists like this one of my all time favourites: Insomnia

JohnHayzII says:

No Hitchcock? The guy who basically invented the genre? North by Northwest is the most gripping, suspenseful and visually iconic classic that laid the groundwork for countless action thrillers to follow.

Chase S says:

I honestly hated In Bruges

Kabuki Jo says:

jesus those old movies are trash …

Mike H says:

William Friedkin “Sorcerer” is based of the “Wager of fear” and is sooooo much better.

Sasquatch Sasquatch says:

Thrillers are not suspense films surely. Perhaps I’m thinking of psychological thrillers. Sigh. Moving on

Cooperskillen says:

No John Carpenter, huh

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