UNDER THE SILVER LAKE Official Trailer (2018) Andrew Garfield Weird Thriller Movie HD

UNDER THE SILVER LAKE Trailer (2018) Andrew Garfield Thriller Movie HD
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Sebastian P says:

I’ll watch anything with the true spidey in it

JustKorvac says:

Anything with Andrew Garfield in I’ll watch.


Weird Thriller. I have never heard of that genre but I’m in.

Losika Mosupi says:

What about Gwen?

beliefless dogmasless says:

another of those

Omnitrix8 says:

Ha!! Bombshell detected!

Flóra Hegedűs says:

I really don’t understand what this movie is about… Is that good or bad?

vicks goli says:

At 2.07 , it looked like Freddy Krueger’s dad !!!!

el toro says:

life is short, and I will not waste a single day of my life watching this

momentum45 says:

i see andrew garfield i like…simple.

Tim Latour says:

I saw this crap it was called paper towns

Kevin van Niekerk says:

Its basically like Jim Carreys number 23. She most likely doesn’t exist and he is made and realises it right at the end before he dies or something… I’ll still watch it just because Andrew Garfield

Tony Allen says:

he was the coolest Spiderman

bunnykissme says:

A24 and andrew garfield? Ok im in

Deby says:

Papel towns… weirder

Gshift says:

Why does Andrew Garfield always look like he ain’t got no teeth?

Sound Logic says:

Man I love Trippy movies like this.

Максим Гуляев says:

Reminds of Big Lebowski

pf008 says:

Jeff who lives at home and paper towns had a baby

J B says:

Just gonna roll a blunt with this flick.

Joe X says:

Cool! Gonna watch this!

alittlemoreme says:

Okay, I’m intrigued.

Rick G says:

The Violent Femmes saved the trailer – somewhat..

Rolling Ormond says:

Douchey Silver Lake hipsters! RUN!!

Tinkhanii Segula says:

The fuck is this?

Adam Hubbard says:

Garfield just stole a pay check from Matthew Grey Gubler.

Neonkid says:

another A24 production that will end up good.

FharAwayTV says:

Paper Towns × crazy and fun vibe. I’m buying!

Lordy 1ordy421 says:

I’ll watch anything with Andrew Garfield in I heard he loves Lasagna

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