Vacancy Movie Review (Horror, Thriller)

Dr. Loomis Introduces Vacancy starring Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale (Schwing) and in a a world where Mike and J usually agree on movies. They don’t. Um…. agree. On this one. On Vacancy. Dont forget to subscribe or you shall miss the rest of Halloween Horror Month!

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Craig Norrie says:

was a great film and I totally agree about Luke Wilson definately an under rated actor and Kate Beckinsale is super hot as always. only thing I didn’t like was how many people they were hinting at were killed at the motel. solid 7 for me.

sophie xoxox says:

even if the movie was a little cheesy…there was some real scary creepy vibes about this movie. just the whole idea of breaking down in the middle of nowhere and having to spend the night in a creepy motel only to be stalked by crazy killers and being video taped. that is my worst nightmare!!

A Pissed Off Ellis says:

Hey everyone Mike and Jay have a goat hidden somewhere..

ryiin says:

the intros are worth a like by them self’s. piss funny.

Dave B. says:

I’m going to put it out there again, please review Creepshow! You guys would love it, I’m telling you.

DBM Productions says:

this review is as great as the rocks pecks glad u finally did it

Renegade Hero says:

I like this movie too. I like the idea of a horror movie based on people escaping a snuff film. Luke Wilson was awesome in this, Kate Beckinsale is always good.

Kit Davis says:

I liked this movie but the sequal is so much better u gotta watch it Vacancy 2 is great

benn lewis says:

I don’t know if you do already, but would you ever do podcasts ? I could sit and listen to you guys talking about movies all day!

ryiin says:

do the lost coast tapes.

Shaolin Punk says:

Do Sinister 1 + 2.

A Pissed Off Ellis says:

You guys are FUGGIN awesome.. And Jay please call Hollywood and ask for a job.. You’re great

Austin Eck says:

I actually really dug this movie, even first time I watched it I thought it was pretty good!
Definitely underrated!

55bueller says:

I absolutely love it!

JDog American Patriot says:

hey guys you should review the original The Hitcher great movie if you have a chance !!!!!!

Nik Tour says:

Watching the movie, I was wondering how they were going to fill the time. How is this going to be a full movie? But I liked it.

Rhys Seddon says:

I’d rate it like a 7.5 I really liked it, felt like an old style film with modern and had me on the edge of ,you seat, however I did not like strangers I’d give that a 5.5

a girl named brett says:

kate beckinsale suuuuper fuckin hot.

The house of Chaos says:

If you pay attention to some of the dialogue, she’s a bitch to him, cause she feels guilty for the death of their son… it’s in the scene in when their crawl thru the tunnels and end up in the gas station….
The problem I had was the stupidity of the victims…. God they had the advantage so many times…
The best part of the movie was the acting…. excellent acting by all of the cast….

Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta says:

Bless you, Mike. It is highly underrated. Sorry, I know it’s old but I’m new to your channel so I’m going back and watching all your reviews, you guys are great. God dammit I love you guys!

BoyOfSteel101 says:

M Night Shamalamadingdong

Kit Davis says:

if u want to see an AWESOME MOVIE u should watch Cry Wolf would love to see u review that movie it’s so good

rudy madsen says:

there’s a direct dvd sequel to this

Rexfellis says:

Sorry Mike, I’ve gotta go with Jay on this one. I felt like this one was too predictable, and a few scenes were so unrealistic, that they took me out of the film entirely. I don’t think it is a bad movie, I just think it could have been executed better.
But hey, that is the beauty of movies. If we all agreed on every flick out there, the world would be one boring ass place.
Great video guys!

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