WILDLING Official Trailer (2018) Liv Tyler Thriller Movie HD

WILDLING Official Trailer (2018) Liv Tyler Thriller Movie HD
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Dan Rigsley says:

Where has she been?

Lisa Kotova says:

Liv Tyler is getting old. 🙁

Flower Chan says:

How exactly is this meant to be a “thriller”? There’s no suspense as to who the wildling is. Horror? yeah looks like, Drama? hmm yes we can see that too.

Pale Rider says:

Man, she looks so old and wrinkly. Bummer.

Evan Robinson says:

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canadavatar says:

1:15 So, this is the story of Dawn Lener before the zombie apocalypse began!!!

Millie Moses says:

It has Bel Powley in it, I’m gonna watch it

John Wesson says:

That was a great movie. I’m moving on.

christai lynch says:

game of thrones skipped some seasons i see

Lili Rayne says:

Wow lol they revealed the twist in the trailer.

connie473 says:

This is a summary of the movie

Ty_ teynium says:

She’s the last one of the wildling thingies. That’s it.
… That’s actually not a bad premise though.

Cristopher Almeida says:

dude this trailer ruined the movie, now i already know that she is the (whatever it is) wildling… dude people need to teach how this kids to do some good old fucking trailers for fuck sake

Eugene Grider says:

Oh. Well I guess I don’t need to see it now. Thanks trailer editor!

devilpupbear09 says:

Anyone else thought of Game of Thrones while watching this?

Peter Zonis says:

What fucking gatbage just what we need now.

Prince Blake says:

Wow……wow, thanks for putting the twist ending in the trailers. Fucking morons

Claudia A says:

Are you serious?!? What the heck it looked so good but they had to go and spoil the twist….I’m still gonna watch it though, I’ll just be pissed

ThePhilosopher1748 says:

Isn’t that “girl” 26 years old in real life?

alexandros theodwris says:

oh well we already know the plot boys no need to watch it gj trailer

Time Sensitive says:

Pass! Her dad was protecting the children from her. Chucky is back

Thomas The Train says:

The thumbnail for this is very unflattering for my girl Liv

Ereka Brotherson says:

But why reveal the plot twist in the trailer? Jesus christ people!

Mahesh Chandra says:

haha !! thanks for the free movie !! now i dont have to watch it in theater !! 10 Bucks saved !! lol

Meike de Boer says:

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93kendo says:

F**K’en Hell!! Who was the genius that decided to put the reveal in the Trailer!?!?! I’m still gonna watch it but these trailer production companies are trollling hard.

kaede19xx says:

“WILDLING: people who live beyond the wall.” Thats my first thought.

SortaOkay Reviews says:

Well it feels like they just gave away the whole movie. I don’t really want to even watch it now.

BLooDY GaL says:

welp, that’s money saved… no need to watch the entire movie…

Mazzystar0 says:

This trailer just left me feeling confused…

josh says:

these ass holes wonder why we stream movies…. how about stop revealing the entire movie in the trailer ? FML

Electronic Surveillance says:

Thanks for letting me know she’s the last one.

bethann landerstyle says:

That was a great movie thanks for showing us the whole bloody thing

Mojopin says:

Liv, still gorgeous

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